Malicious Parenting

Malicious Parenting


Malicious Parenting  is where the custodial parent, among other things, interferes with the non-custodial parents visitation, manipulates their offspring to hate the other parent.

Signs of a Malicious Parenting

A parent who unjustifiably punishes his or her divorcing or divorced spouse by:
  • Attempting to alienate their mutual child(ren) from the other parent
  • Involving others in malicious actions against the other parent
  • Engaging in excessive litigation
The parent specifically attempts to deny the child(ren):
  • Regular uninterrupted visitation with the other parent
  • Uninhibited telephone access to the other parent
  • Participation by the other parent in the child(ren)’s school life and extra-curricular activities
The pattern is pervasive and includes malicious acts towards the other parent including:
  • Lying to the children
  • Lying to others
  • Violations of law

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