During Parental Alienation you may notice the Alienating Parent may seem they have Narcissistic type of behaviors. I know in our case we are dealing with a Narcissistic person here. The Biomom lied about abuse and many other things just to get what she wanted. She manipulates people into thinking I abuse her child so this is why she keeps my bonus daughter from us. It’s all about lying. Lying about abuse is common when the other parent wants to get ahead or to have a good “reason” in their mind to keep the child away. She gains fame from lying about abuse. Narcissistic people only care about themselves. She acts as if she’s the great parent who saved her child from harm. Which there wasn’t any harm to begin with. This is typical behavior of a Narcissist Here is a list of things about Narcissist.




6 thoughts on “Narcissist

  1. This is exactly how the Biomom is in my situation…never says sorry, never apologizes, never looks at her part, hurts everyone around her without a care or concern. Uses fear and intimidation to keep my stepdaughter away and alienated. Moved her to a small small town with little access to the outer world to keep her away from us. And then puts the blame on us.

  2. Hallo,
    I tracked this green image and ‘ssac2010’ with a hope to find anything more about a comment that is left at pinterest dot com under the same image. The comment is:
    “They lie and cause you to turn on one another as siblings. This allows them to use one or the other child as needed while keeping the children apart so they never compare notes. Narcissist Mothers. ~ A.N.”
    This comment is a nail in the head for my family dynamic.
    I wanted to ask about these inicials of the person who posted it, or any other information about this dynamic of separating siblings. Is there any place where I could read more about that subject?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • I would google search “Dynamic of Separating Siblings” The things that are from this blog I found online. I just simply put them together to have a research blog for hostile step family situations. I apologize for not being more helpful than this.

  3. This is amazing that FINALLY someone has had an experience with this Personality Disorder! My mother is Described to the ”Tee” through these messages! Gosh to explain my life with my mom on this reply would take all year. She is always the victim, a thief, a cop caller, a hoarder of people and material things, selfish, manipulative, stingy, hateful, evil, a liar, delusional, and down right the devil himself! Small story short she will do anything and hurt anyone to prove a point and make sure that no one succeeds except her! She is an extremely jealous person that hates to see other people with anything. She is petty and down right worthless. Many people are blind to people like these type because they put on such a normal face for the world but behind closed doors or even when the lights go off they turn into the Monsters they are! I pray for us all that has to deal with these type because they will outlive the good people in the world. I’m just happy to know that there is finally a description and name for these people because for over a decade no one believed me or half way understood what I was saying!

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