Our Signs More In-Depth

These are signs from the Biomom trying to kick my husband out of his child’s life. Signs can be found at http://www.parentalalienation.org/articles/symptoms-parental-alienation.html another site is http://www.hostile-aggressive-parenting.com/symptoms_of_HAP.asp I encourage you to look through these sites. You might be going through this too. I just want to share these resources with you so you don’t feel alone in your battle.


On http://www.hostile-aggressive-parenting.com/symptoms_of_HAP.asp  also lists signs of a hostile aggressive parent.  One of the signs of course is changing of the last name of the child.


The following image is the Biomom changing the child’s name. She has no respect or consideration for my husband or her child. She just wants to control anything and everything.



Sometimes a parent will make an excuse not to communicate with the other parent for visitation time. They will refer them to their lawyer. You can visit http://www.hostile-aggressive-parenting.com/symptoms_of_HAP.asp to learn more.


My husband tries to get visitation time with his child and she tells him to contact her lawyer to set up a time to see his child.




Lying about health status of the child is also a sign of hostile aggressive parent. There was at least two times that the Biomom’s husband lied about my bonus daughter’s health status so she couldn’t come over. During court we went to Shawnee Medical Center and requested my bonus daughter’s medical history. I looked through the files and nothing in the files about her being sick like the Biomom’s husband said she was.




Before I married my husband everyone got along. During 2008 is when out nightmare started. The Biomom became very hostile and unwilling to do anything. She goes to extreme lengths to make excuses for the child not to be in our lives. From terminating all visitation and lying about abuse. She really doesn’t want my husband to be in his child’s life at all.





These allegations didn’t start till after my husband and I were married. The Biomom found out that I spanked her child for lying to me. At the time I was teaching my bonus daughter manners because her mother wasn’t doing it. Such as please and thank you. So at the time I thought this was best for my bonus daughter. That’s when the abuse allegations started. If you read this email it’s a thank you email to the Biomom for a sympathy card after my Poppy died. Who would do such a nice thing for their child’s abuser? Doesn’t make sense.




The Biomom wanted the child in daycare even though my husband’s mother watched the child for free. In fact my husband’s mother has a degree in childhood education plus she’s the grandmother of the child. The Biomom still wanted her child in daycare and didn’t care what was best for the child. This is a snip bit of an email between my husband and I about his mother watching his child.





On top of all of this mess the Biomom just moves out of the blue. She deletes her email account, changes her phone number, and doesn’t notify my husband of where the child is at. She pretty much abducted her child because she doesn’t want the child in our lives.

These are signs that stand out to me. The whole site on HAP really fits our situations to a T.  After all this mess is done if it ever ends my bonus daughter suffers the most during this time. My bonus daughter might look happy now but later the truth will come out. She will be heartbroken due to her mother manipulating her to hurt us. I want no sympathy for my husband and I. I’m very concerned how this mess will harm my bonus daughter. It’s a struggle I deal with almost everyday.


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