SSAC Working With The State Leaders


February 6 2013 I (Rebekah Bradley) met with Representative Dennis Johnson. The meeting went really well. He is listening and is willing to meet again! I shared our personal story of our battle. I shared other letters with him as well. He requested some information about other legislation passing laws about PA from all over the world to see what has worked for them. I will meet with him again once I have this information. It didn’t even dawn on me to bring this information that he requested. Thank you all so much for the support. This will be a long battle to fight but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make PA illegal in Oklahoma.



July 31 2013 I met with  Representative Jason Nelson. A big thank you to him for taking the time to listen and understanding my issues I brought up. There are things that will be put into a measure. he agreed with most everything I brought to him. He made a very good point “This shouldn’t be a mommy or daddy state. This needs to be a children state”  I never thought of it that way and I love that he brought this to my attention. After all it is about the children. The meeting couldn’t have gone better. I will be keeping in touch with him about the process of these measures.



7 thoughts on “SSAC Working With The State Leaders

  1. Kudos to you for taking on this never ending battle!!! 🙂 I live in California and my husband has gone through the ringer with his older children’s mother both in and outside of the court room. We ended up having to involve our Senator due to the legal craziness that went on. After that, my husband was credited $7,000 in child support due to the verifiable lies that his ex-wife told in court. Now that the legal issues have been resolved some-what, the alienation has gotten out of control. We live 3.5 hours apart, and she will deny visits at the last moment, horribly bad mouth is to Jadyn (age 11, last child in the home, two brothers are grown), she makes Jadyn believe that to us she is second to my children as well as to the twins that my husband and I have adopted, as well as our new baby. She does these things publicly as we’ll as online…. As extreme as posting messages to me on her daughters Instagram account (we have her blocked on all social media). It is heartbreaking and completely out of control!
    People like this HAVE to be stopped! There is no consequences to them, it seems. Even with our small success in Court, there were never consequences for her perjuring herself time and time again. I would love to join this fight and make the legislature more aware of what people in our shoes are dealing with as well as the constant turmoil and trauma that is being inflicted on these innocent kids who just want to love their parents and be loved.
    Any information you have, would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • I can’t sit back and watch this women rip apart my family. I also can’t sit back when others have to go through this too. It’s heartbreaking how selfish a parent can be. I will fight till the end. Even if our battle turns around I will still be here to fight for others. Children need to be loved and not used. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m sorry that you and your family have had to go through this.

    • Elizabeth may i ask where in California you are, my husband and I are fighting the same battle of PAS in the process of court AGAIN for his 8 year old son, my husbands third time. We just learned of PAS in Nov of 2013 and as it has help, it is emotional exhausting. I started a page on FB so I had a place to vent my frustration and hopefully find others in Southern California and maybe start a support here for parents dealing with this everyday battle.

  2. Having the same issue here in Missouri. My hubby has custody of his kids and his ex kept them after her Mothers day visitation. We have not been allowed to speak to them at all and today is fathers day. We hired an attorney and first we have to fight her false abuse claims in court where she is trying to get a order of protection against us. Then, he will file contempt of court. Not sure how well that will do since his oldest son (21) has told us that the younger ones (16, 13, and 9) don’t want to come here and the youngest does not even want to talk to her dad. My husband and I are broken hearted as these kids have always been close with their dad and I and the youngest (girl) has always been a daddy’s girl. My husband is afraid that she will end up getting custody of the kids because they now have been poisoned against us even though she violated the court order. I have started a petition here in Missouri and NEED all the signatures I can get. Here is the link:

  3. Im in Florida, amazing blog! Your photos on pinterest help me get through my fiances situation. His son being alienated from him, and when he finally puts up a fight and files for custody she offered him to give up his rights as a father entirely. im sorry but something is wrong with your character if you as a mother offer to take your childs right to having his birth father away. how do you even ask that when that person is asking to be there for his son.

    • I completely agree! There is something terribly wrong with a “mother” if she thinks removing her child’s rights is okay. I’m so glad to hear the images have helped you. I created them to share our story with others. Over time there’s been people telling me thank you. While I’m glad the images have helped I certainly hate that others have to deal with this nightmare too. It’s also helpful knowing that you’re not alone in a battle like this. I know it’s tough but try to stay strong. ((hugs))

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